FastShake contributes to a healthy lifestyle

We often eat what we want and not what we need. As a result, we make the wrong choices for food over time.

In general, it is very difficult to stay conscious of what we really need and what we eat, pure because we like it or because we're unaware of it.

In order to find the balance in your food and thus in your life, we can help you with the help of FastShake. FastShake distinguishes itself from the rest of the shakes due to its unique approach to the full concept of meal replacements and food in general.

In our vision, nutrition, life style and awareness come together, so FastShake is not comparable to a regular meal substitute.

No, we offer you a way of life with the goal of making you more aware and efficient about your health, energy, money and time. Take the staple back in your own hand and eat whatever you need. FastShake teaches you to live balanced without having to deliver on your living pleasure. We enrich your life by making you aware of what you stand for. To lose weight or eat healthy while keeping on weight, you need to be careful and to guard against the many temptations that are there. Our meal replacement shake is easy, and he is many times healthier than most other choices you could make to stay in shape.

you will not feel hungry with FastShake

well balanced with our meal shakes

Fast Shake ensures that you are not hungry between meals which is the case with other shakes. This allows you to adjust your patterns and adjust your time differently and thus also adjust your lifestyle. So drop old patterns and develop new ones as there is literally no room for the unhealthy snacks because the hunger feeling is not present. Because of this you will notice that it is very easy to fill in your time differently. Because you achieve your goals, you feel fit and energetic, you will notice that self-esteem and self-confidence come back. You're better at yourself, doing more because you have more energy, so that your life, but also yourself, comes into balance and remains.

FastShake Strawberry

For example, a tasty meal replacement makes the weight loss easier. This delicious strawberry shake is rich in protein, contains all essential nutrients.

For example, use FastShake Strawberry for breakfast and / or lunch.


FastShake Vanilla

FastShake Vanilla with a natural tasty vanilla flavor, this creamy meal substitute is a good weight control product that fits amazingly in an energy-lowering diet.

FastShake is on a natural basis. The raw materials of our shakes contain natural proteins, vegetable fibers and essential fatty acids


FastShake Chocolate

FastShake chocolate, the choco shake with natural chocolate flavor. Our shakes contain no artificial odor, color, flavor and sweeteners.

For example, there are diet shakes to burn fat, protein shakes for athletes, vegetable shakes to detoxify and fruit shakes to promote health.


FastShake Banana

The FastShake Banana, deliciously soft of taste. Shake contains only all essential nutrients including natural proteins.

Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.
Live conscious, eat conscious, choose FastShake


A free Shaker at your 1st order

With your first order, you get a shaker for us free of charge. This way you can get started with your FastShake.


Stop smoking and not gaining weight

FastShake takes away your hunger feeling so you will not take a snack

Fast Shake also offers good support for smoking cessation. Most people are afraid that they will arrive a lot after they have stopped. As Fast Shake takes away the hunger, smoking cessation becomes a lot easier.

Your old figure back after a pregnancy, for example? It's possible! Fastshake offers the right support in losing ones that do not want to get rid of them. It has never been that easy.

Sports with FastShake

our meal shakes fit perfectly in your sporting life

Fast Shake offers a very good support in combination with sport. You start seeing, you become more energetic, more powerful and more positive, making it even easier to change your lifestyle.

Has you never been able to arrive because you have to get so many calories? So much has to eat what actually just does not work? Fast Shake also offers support in this. You can dilute the shake with half full milk so you still get healthy in a number of calories. In addition, you feel fitter, for example, the motivation for strength training increases and you manage to achieve your goal.