Want to lose weight?
Then use FastShake!
Very easy and delicious too.

Find your balance by returning to the base. FastShake. Know what you eat, eat complete!

Lose weight

Balance with FastShake

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On average, we assume that women need 2000 kilocalories (kcal) per day and men 2500 kilocalories (kcal). If you already have a healthy weight, keep these averages in balance. That means you do not arrive or lose weight. Every now and then you are on the scale to help you keep an eye on this. If you come up with something over time, you can do something about it.

To lose weight, lose weight, you need more energy than you take. FastShake is a meal substitute. With this shake you are assured of consuming the right amount of foods, vitamins and minerals. Because all essential nutrients are ground into a potable substance, it is absorbed into the body after ingestion. Because the shake does not replace a portion of your meal, but replaces your entire meal, there is also no risk of 'overestimation'. This makes FastShake very well in a calorie-lowering diet.

With FastShake more energy and fitter!

With a healthy weight, you are more comfortable in your skin. You feel fitter, have more energy. You can move more easily, get out of breath less quickly and you're less likely to get sick. Everything is about the balance between the amount of calories you eat and the amount of energy your body consumes. With FastShake you can reach your ideal weight without letting it go! It is lost without feeling hungry or obliged to exercise. Of course, sports are healthy and help you burn more fat and get your body tight, but it's not necessary.

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FastShake Strawberry

For example, a tasty meal replacement makes the weight loss easier. This delicious strawberry shake is rich in protein, contains all essential nutrients.

For example, use FastShake Strawberry for breakfast and / or lunch.


FastShake Vanilla

FastShake Vanilla with a natural tasty vanilla flavor, this creamy meal substitute is a good weight control product that fits amazingly in an energy-lowering diet.

FastShake is on a natural basis. The raw materials of our shakes contain natural proteins, vegetable fibers and essential fatty acids


FastShake Chocolate

FastShake chocolate, the choco shake with natural chocolate flavor. Our shakes contain no artificial odor, color, flavor and sweeteners.

For example, there are diet shakes to burn fat, protein shakes for athletes, vegetable shakes to detoxify and fruit shakes to promote health.


FastShake Banana

The FastShake Banana, deliciously soft of taste. Shake contains only all essential nutrients including natural proteins.

Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.
Live conscious, eat conscious, choose FastShake


you will not feel hungry with FastShake

well balanced with our meal shakes

Fast Shake ensures that you are not hungry between meals which is the case with other shakes. This allows you to adjust your patterns and adjust your time differently and thus also adjust your lifestyle. So drop old patterns and develop new ones as there is literally no room for the unhealthy snacks because the hunger feeling is not present. Because of this you will notice that it is very easy to fill in your time differently. Because you achieve your goals, you feel fit and energetic, you will notice that self-esteem and self-confidence come back. You're better at yourself, doing more because you have more energy, so that your life, but also yourself, comes into balance and remains.

Reach your goals with FastShake

you can easily and quickly reach your goals with FastShake

Fast Shake is a unique shake. It contains all the essential nutrients that a person needs on a daily basis. In our busy existence we often do not. After all, life requires (too) much of us to get the nutrients. When this is successful, it often takes a lot of money on messages and time to prepare it. We often do not have this time and energy, which means that healthy living and changing the lifestyle often do not work and this only brings disappointment. Fast Shake is easy and quick to prepare and not expensive. Fast Shake offers the right basis for a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel fitter, more energetic and in balance because you achieve your own goals. This will make you a lot more positive in life and see all possibilities from yourself.

A free Shaker at your 1st order

With your first order, you get a shaker for us free of charge. This way you can get started with your FastShake.


Losing weight with FastShakes

An easy way to speed up your metabolism

Drinking shakes can help you lose weight up to 2.5 kilos a week, as long as you take good care of it. Here you can see how many and what shakes you need to drink to lose weight fast and healthy. Our shakes are of high quality and are also very beneficial, so we lose weight extra fun.

The amount and times you drink shakes are crucial to your success.

How can you lose weight with FastShakes? Proteins are (in addition to carbohydrates and fats) one of the three energy sources of your body and are extremely important during weight loss. One of the effects of consuming sufficient proteins is that you create less hunger hormone. The main hunger hormone in your body is ghrelin. Ghreline is secreted on the inside of the stomach wall and travels to the brain.

As soon as the ghrelin hormone reaches your brain, your body says, "Hey! I'm hungry. Let's do something now! "Loss of protein-rich shakes prevents the production of extra ghrelin. This is because proteins are slowly broken down into your stomach, making you automatically less of the hunger hormone ghreline.

In the absence of the hunger hormone ghreline your metabolism is faster. This will allow you to burn more fat.

In short: FastShake shakes reduce hunger sensation and accelerate your metabolism.