FastShake, the liquid meal substitute

 a conscious choice

Liquid meal substitute

A liquid meal substitute means that all essential nutrients are ground to a potable substance. The major advantage is that these nutrients are rapidly absorbed into the body after ingestion.

Immediately after taking a FastShake, it is possible to do those things that you otherwise have no energy because there is no long-term digestion process.

You choose FastShake for a conscious dietary approach

FastShake contains a high value of proteins. Proteins have high nutritional value and provide a constant flow of energy to your body.

Due to this energy delivery, you will have a saturated feeling for a long time and you will not feel hungry. As a result, you continue to energetically and focused the day!

There is also no risk of "overestimation" because you replace the whole meal with the shake. As a result, you are not tempted to add something to the shake next to the shake.

FastShake Strawberry

For example, a tasty meal replacement makes the weight loss easier. This delicious strawberry shake is rich in protein, contains all essential nutrients.

For example, use FastShake Strawberry for breakfast and / or lunch.


FastShake Vanilla

FastShake Vanilla with a natural tasty vanilla flavor, this creamy meal substitute is a good weight control product that fits amazingly in an energy-lowering diet.

FastShake is on a natural basis. The raw materials of our shakes contain natural proteins, vegetable fibers and essential fatty acids


FastShake Chocolate

FastShake chocolate, the choco shake with natural chocolate flavor. Our shakes contain no artificial odor, color, flavor and sweeteners.

For example, there are diet shakes to burn fat, protein shakes for athletes, vegetable shakes to detoxify and fruit shakes to promote health.


FastShake Banana

The FastShake Banana, deliciously soft of taste. Shake contains only all essential nutrients including natural proteins.

Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.
Live conscious, eat conscious, choose FastShake


FastShake replaces a meal. Nutrition with many essential nutrients but without excess calories. Our shakes contain natural proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats

Meal replacer

FastShake is a substitute for a meal such as breakfast, lunch or dinner. No matter what meal you want to replace FastShake. However, we recommend to replace all 3 meals for the shakes.

This is because a shake can not replace the enjoyment of food. If you are replacing up to 2 meals by FastShake and for example, eating dinner in its traditional form, keep taking shakes full.

The pleasure of having people sitting together with a cozy table is to sit and eat with more people, can not be filled in by a shake.

In addition, we also need people to chew our food. This is not possible with a liquid meal substitute like FastShake. That's why we recommend that you use a "normal" meal once a day, in addition to using FastShake, with the benefits associated with it.


A free Shaker at your 1st order

With your first order, you get a shaker for us free of charge. This way you can get started with your FastShake.


Reach your goals with FastShake

you can easily and quickly reach your goals with FastShake

Fast Shake is a unique shake. It contains all the essential nutrients that a person needs on a daily basis. In our busy existence we often do not. After all, life requires (too) much of us to get the nutrients. When this is successful, it often takes a lot of money on messages and time to prepare it. We often do not have this time and energy, which means that healthy living and changing the lifestyle often do not work and this only brings disappointment. Fast Shake is easy and quick to prepare and not expensive. Fast Shake offers the right basis for a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel fitter, more energetic and in balance because you achieve your own goals. This will make you a lot more positive in life and see all possibilities from yourself.